Why Testosterone is important?

Millions of men suffer from low testosterone such problems as low sex drives, fragile bones, and depression. Testosterone levels can be boosted naturally with exercise, diet, and more sleep.
Testosterone is vital for making muscle, keeping bones dense, fueling the libido, making high quality sperm, and keeping many other organ systems in good shape. But testosterone levels drop with age and also with stress, obesity, and other conditions of modern life.
Six steps can improve your testosterone:
1. Get enough sleep, at least 7 to 10 hours.
2. Do regular exercise, men who are more physically active have higher testosterone levels.
3. Eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of protein and healthy fats.
4. Boost Vitamin D levels by being out in the sun or taking a supplement.
5. Take the right supplement or consult a doctor. This can cause testosterone levels to climb as much as 25%.
6. Reduce stress. If your heart starts pounding or you break out into a cold sweat, you are having a fight or flight stress response.